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If you wanna find hell with me, listen to this Steely Danzig mashup

Photo: Bandcamp/Demi Adejuyigbe

In addition to having a rather entertaining Twitter feed, Demi Adejuyigbe is proving to be pretty good at taking a simple pun and making a mashup out of it. He previously spliced together Future’s “Fuck Up Some Commas” with Vampire Weekend’s “Oxford Comma,” a match made in heaven for lovers of songs about punctuation that aren’t really about punctuation. For his latest piece, Adejuyigbe is giving the world Steely Danzig, mixing the soft-rock sounds of Steely Dan with Glenn Danzig’s baritone howl.

It works surprisingly well, as Adejuyigbe finds a nice intersection between Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work” and Danzig’s “Mother.” It’s the type of thing that elicits a chuckle at the start, but once it’s clear the songs actually sort of fit together—with the saxophone line accentuating Danzig’s phrasing nicely—you also start to enjoy it on its own merits, perhaps in spite of yourself.


[via Stereogum]

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