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If you love your dog, don't show them The Lion King

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Screenshot: Lion King teaser (YouTube)

Before buying your furry friend a ticket to the upcoming The Lion King remake, consider that Mufasa’s death scene has the ability to traumatize more than just children. Dogs, too, are out here agonizing over it. If you need proof of this fact, look no further than this recent video shared by Twitter user Dustin DeBerry, in which a precious dog vocalizes its displeasure at seeing the great king fall beneath the wildebeest hooves.


Before you go thinking that this dog is just exceptionally empathetic, may we present Exhibit B.


It always seemed especially cruel to include the scene where Simba tries and fails to rouse his dead father, and dogs, oddly enough, seem to be able to pick up on the pure tragedy of this moment. Of course, we don’t know if Mufasa’s death will play out the same way in the remake, but the teaser dropped last night seems to signal that this is going to be a shot-for-shot redux of the 1994 classic. So, maybe save your dog the heartbreak and put on something a little more lighthearted. Like, Pixar’s Up. Oh, wait. Never mind.

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