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If you have the dankest memes, Mac DeMarco wants to hire you

Mac DeMarco trying on too many hats for The A.V. Club

It can be hard to keep up with the hot memes and hilarious GIFs these days, especially when you’re a popular musician whose career is really taking off. That’s the position Mac DeMarco has found himself in, and according to Stereogum, he’s now looking to hire a Fan Club assistant to help him keep up with the dank memes, emails, and other concerns that a guy like DeMarco is getting too busy for. He has posted a job listing on his website, explaining that the position would “be great for a college student” who lives in New York City and is able to get to Brooklyn at least once a week.

Specifically, he’s looking for someone with experience using Mailchimp, Wordpress, and iMovie, but you’ll get “extra points” if you have HTML or CSS experience on top of that. In other words, DeMarco is actually looking to hire a real assistant, even if the post does request that applicants include their “dankest Mac meme or Mac-related GIF” with their cover letter and résumé.


Interested New York college kids and find more information at this link, but just be careful with what you send in, because he’s probably seen this A.V. Club-inspired meme already:

(Image: Tumblr)

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