The latest contender in the Internet’s ongoing quest to produce the most pointless yet mildly amusing content the world has ever seen, operates on the simplest, most web-friendly of premises:  Spelling out words using the prostrate bodies of puppies is adorable, hilarious, and just the right amount of disturbing. While theoretically you could use this tool to just spell out your name or brighten people’s days with heartwarming salutations, all right-thinking web denizens will realize its true value: Saying horrible things in 50 puppy-characters or less. There’s even punctuation (pup-tuation?), so you can, say, tell off your coworker and be grammatically correct about it:

It’s also useful for delivering bad-yet-adorable news, be it to an underling…

…or a spurned loved one.


Also great for threats!

Or you could just be a dick.


(courtesy of Erik Adams)

Of course, the question remains, how did they get those puppies to lie so still?