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If the government won't help restaurant workers, David Chang will go on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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In a dire illustration of America’s inability to serve its citizens during a deadly pandemic, celebrity chef and TV host David Chang went on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? to help an ailing restaurant industry that continues to be ignored by an ineffectual government.

The good news is that he won $1 million for the Southern Smoke Foundation, a crisis relief organization serving imperiled hospitality workers. The bad news is that restaurant workers who can’t work without putting themselves or their customers in danger have to rely on game show winnings to give them a break. Chang’s win comes just as millions are preparing to lose their unemployment benefits the day after Christmas. Hope everyone in Congress had a great Thanksgiving break!

Chang knew the stakes going in. “Since the government won’t help out restaurant workers,” Chang tweeted on Sunday, “we have to do what we can to help out.”


The weight is felt in the below clip, in which Chang waffles over which president was the first to have electricity in the White House. Despite admitting that he’d never heard of the guy, he eventually went with 23rd president Benjamin Harrison, the guess put forth by his pal, ESPN journalist Mina Kimes.

“I’m a gambling man and shame on me if this is wrong, but I’m doing this because having a million dollars right now, in this moment, is a game-changer for many, many families,” he said to host Jimmy Kimmel before offering up his final answer, which turned out to be correct. Chang is the first celebrity to win $1 million on the program.

You can donate to the Southern Smoke Foundation here and find other opportunities to support the restaurant industry here.

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