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If Michael Bay directed the Super Bowl, presented as GIFs

There are few certainties in this world. Given the increasing violence of our society, the exploitation of global capitalism breeding poverty and inequality, and the catastrophic climate change ravaging our planet, our tired eyes understandably look to the small predictabilities that bring us comfort. Namely, that Michael Bay likes explosions, and the Internet likes making things that parody Michael Bay’s love of explosions.

Mashable has provided a demonstration of the latter case, as the site brings you a collection of football GIFs that have been endowed with that Michael Bay magic. (Read: all explosions, all the time.) We’ve put a couple of them below, but if this merely whets your appetite for a whole world of possible activities that Michael Bay could conceivably add explosions to, head on over to the subreddit r/MichaelBayGIFs, where the world’s finest purveyors of “[random thing] improved via Michael Bay-style explosions” are flourishing.


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