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If Mark Zuckerberg's going to talk so much, at least he could do it in a cute Scottish accent

Photo: Michael Kovac (Getty Images)

It seems like Mark Zuckerberg can’t shut up lately. Admittedly, that’s at least partially because the Facebook CEO is getting yelled at pretty regularly at the moment, prompting an increased commitment to loudly apologizing to anyone he meets. Still, though: Dude’s got a Nathan Fielder voice with a severely sub-Nathan-Fielder sense of humor or charm, and we’re getting a little tired of it.


Luckily, Scottish comedian Janey Godley is here to help us out, posting a video on Twitter this week in which she over-dubbed Zuckerberg’s Silicon Valley drone at his Senate hearing yesterday with her own charming Glaswegian accent. And, hey, it’s not like the substitution changes the context of the video that much: Godley’s Zuck is just like the real one, a laid-back dude who liked coding, likes, and cat videos, and doesn’t know how in the hell he accidentally got Donald Trump elected to the U.S. presidency.

Speaking of: Godley’s been doing these #janeygodleyvoiceover videos for a while now, so if you’ve ever wanted to hear Trump, Sarah Sanders, or any number of other prominent people with deeply annoying voices get a much more honest, Glasgow-based treatment, the material is out there to help you brighten up your day.

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