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If it’s cool with everyone else, Damon Wayans Jr. is just going to stay on New Girl for the rest of the season

Since New Girl’s not using Schmidt’s room in the loft or anything, the Fox sitcom has decided to let Damon Wayans Jr. stick around for the remainder of its third season. Entertainment Weekly reports that what was originally scheduled to be a four-episode arc will now be an ongoing guest-star gig, an invitation for an extended stay which might have something to do with the 11 percent ratings uptick New Girl earned this week. (Or maybe Wayans proved himself a totally chill houseguest by running out and getting bagels for everybody.) Wayans was originally cast as a regular in New Girl’s pilot, but had to bow out of continuing that role when Happy Endings was unexpectedly renewed for a second season.

Of course, that situation could very well repeat itself if Fox picks up Man/Child, the pilot Wayans is currently developing with director-producer Jason Winer. In the event that happy ending turns into a Happy Endings, Lamorne Morris will be unavailable to fill Wayans’ spot this time, since Winston probably still has hundreds of dollars in “Bunny Money” that won’t be spent before next fall. Though, having weathered In Living Color’s “Marlon for Damon Sr.” swap in 1992, Fox does have a history of replacing Wayanses with other Wayanses—so the experience might not be too traumatic. This could be your time to shine, Michael Wayans!


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