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If anyone can make banking look fun, it's Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson

Screenshot: The Banker (YouTube)

Apple TV+ just rolled out its first round of original series—there’s hits and misses—and now the tech juggernaut has dropped a trailer for an original film, The Banker, which is probably the worst title ever for a movie that actually looks fun.

Based on a true story, the period piece follows a pair of businessmen played by Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson as they build a real estate and banking empire with the help of a working-class white guy (Nicholas Hoult), who, by virtue of the color of his skin and the prejudice of the era, must serve as the venture’s acceptable face. Nia Long co-stars in the dramedy, which is helmed by The Adjustment Bureau’s George Nolfi.


Watch the trailer below, which features an “Oh, I’m sorry” from Jackson that sounds quite familiar.

The Banker hits theaters on December 6. It will presumably land on Apple’s shiny new platform afterwards.

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