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If Amy Adams can't win an Oscar playing people, she'll get one playing a damn dog

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Amy Adams has starred in films from Paul Thomas Anderson, Denis Villeneuve, and David O. Russell. She’s played Amelia Earhart, Lois Lane, and a fairytale princess. She’s guested on a beloved sitcom, anchored a prestigious HBO miniseries, and worked with The Lonely Island. What hasn’t she done? Won an Oscar, despite having been nominated for six of them. Fuck it, she’s playing a dog.


Okay, she’s not playing an actual dog. Deadline reports that Adams has signed on to star in Nightbitch, an adaptation of Rachel Yoder’s upcoming novel about an artist who fears she’s turning into a dog in the wake of her child’s birth. It’s a popular premise, it seems, as the plot shares some DNA with Marianna Palka’s Bitch, an underseen 2017 indie about a mother who begins acting like a feral pup after buckling under the weight of suburban domesticity.

Annapurna Pictures landed the rights to Yoder’s book, which isn’t out until next summer. Adams has a long history with the studio, having previously worked with them on The Master, Vice, and American Hustle. That’s quite the track record and a good sign for Nightbitch’s future. Playing an animal, after all, isn’t easy. Just ask Judi Dench.

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