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Illustration for article titled Idris Elba will protect a boy and save Paris on emBastille Day/em while totally not auditioning for James Bond

Idris Elba has had a busy 2013, what with Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, Thor: The Dark World, the upcoming Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, and the final season of BBC’s Luther (with hints of a feature film on the horizon). Now Elba has booked another leading role in the Paris-set thriller Bastille Day, written by Andrew Baldwin—who wrote Takashi Miike’s upcoming The Outsider, as well as a previous draft of the Logan’s Run remake. Elba will play a U.S. operative who makes a young American boy "disappear" after he's suspected of an attack on the Paris metro. When more attacks follow, the operative realizes the boy is the only link to the real culprits. Bastille Day continues the trend of farming out thrillers to foreign countries—following the Die Hard series jumping to Russia, and the Olympus Has Fallen sequel moving across the pond to London. It's also another opportunity for Elba to show off his action chops in case the role of James Bond opens up.


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