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Idris Elba is an extremely good-looking man. He’s also a pretty sexy tiger, and a reasonably hot cape buffalo. So, he’s putting his assets to to good use and offering his presence, his visage, his probably intoxicating scent to one lucky person this Valentine’s Day. As USA Today reports, it’s part of a charity fundraising campaign devised by the California-based internet company Omaze, with the proceeds going to W.E. Can Lead, a charity that aims to help young women in Sierra Leone gain access to quality education.

According to the official details, the winner and a friend will be flown to undisclosed (but presumably romantic) city to spend the evening with the 44-year-old actor and share “a meal at his favorite restaurant.”


“We’ll get things started off with cocktails or perhaps champagne. And once we’re feeling comfortable, we can order whatever your heart desires: Maybe some truffles, perhaps some steak, pepper soup, and fufu. That’s an African dish,” he seductively explains in the promo video. “And for dessert, you can have whatever you want. And I mean, whatever you want.”

Careful inspection of the rules does not seem to preclude ostensibly straight dudes from being eligible to win.

[via USA Today]

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