There has been much digital ink and discussions about whether Idris Elba could be the next James Bond. Some people think he couldn’t play the part for various reasons, while others believe those reasons to be what academics call “bullshit.” Luckily those issues can now be settled with this recut trailer for upcoming Bond flick Spectre that finds Elba recast in the 007 role and cutting quite an impressive figure.

As remixed by Vulture, this new cut finds a man haunted by his past but also quite capable at driving and killing dudes—which really seem to be the most basic qualifications (George Lazenby proved Bond doesn’t even have to be British). It’s a simple but effective pitch that showcases how great Elba could be in the role—bringing an intensity while still appearing somehow wounded—which would be perfectly in line with the type of Bond that Daniel Craig has been. Watch below and then imagine a world in which posh Stringer Bell takes on a gaggle of Euro thugs.