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Idris Elba is the villain in Jason Staham and Dwayne Johnson's Fast And Furious spin-off

Photo: Tim P. Whitby (Getty Images)

Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson are tough dudes, which is why they’re the only dudes tough enough to get their spin-off from the Fast And Furious movies, but that also means that they need a suitably tough villain to face off against. Short of having them fight Ultron or some other CG-heavy baddie, Universal seems to have found a reasonably tough dude with enough gravitas to justify bringing Statham and The Rock together: Idris Elba. According to Variety, he’s in “final negotiations” for the role, and while we don’t know anything about his character, “sources” do say he’ll be the bad guy.

Hopefully he’ll be the kind of bad guy who grabs an enormous wrench and starts swinging it at The Rock and not the sort of bad guy who steeples his fingers and laughs while Statham and The Rock get chased by a drone or whatever. This movie—which is tentatively titled Hobbs And Shaw—will be the sort of project that demands a villain who gets his hands dirty, preferably by using them to swing a big wrench at a man’s head.


The best part of this news, though, is that it means Elba will have to team up with Johnson and Statham in the inevitable sequel. Maybe then they can finally fight Ultron?

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