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It looks like we’re getting our wish: Idris Elba is going to continue his habit of recording albums inspired by characters he’s played. In an interview on the BBC Radio 4’s Front Row, Elba announced plans to create an album of music inspired by his detective character, John Luther. He believes that the tortured investigator, whom Elba has played for three seasons and a just-announced upcoming miniseries, is rich source material:

“Detectives carry a lot of stuff. They meet someone who’s done something heinous, but they have to have an objective perspective on them until proven… That could create some really good songs… and definitely an interesting mood, musically .”


Whereas Elba’s first foray into character-based music, Mi Mandela (due on November 24), was recorded during three weeks of improvising and jamming in Johannesburg with South African musicians, he says that this music would be very different. Given Luther’s fondness for David Bowie, Elba said the shapeshifting artist would be “an inspiration” for the album. The actor also expressed his hope to perform live very soon, adding that he is currently in talks for a possible musical role.

Elba has already proposed the working title Murder Loves John for the forthcoming record. And if current trends continue, we can look forward to an American music company announcing their intention to remake the exact same music without that pesky British accent several months later.

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