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Idris Elba challenges you to a dance-off in Macklemore’s new video

(Photo: Macklemore And Ryan Lewis's "Dance Off")

Idris Elba is easily one of the hardest working guys in show business. He hasn’t quite reached Michael Caine’s “can’t say no to anything” level yet, but…actually, maybe he just did? Michael Caine has never starred in a Macklemore video (as far as we know), but now Elba has managed to one-up him with his appearance in the video for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Dance Off.” Elba does the spoken-word, Vincent Price-style breakdown in the song itself, and he plays the same role in this video, putting on a stylish coat and making Macklemore’s goofy rhymes sound even more goofy when heard up against his smooth, tiger-like vocalizations.

Also, the video has a butt in it, so don’t watch it if you’re at work. (Unless you work at a place that’s cool with butts.)

In other Idris Elba news that’s slightly more interesting than his spoken-word breakdowns in rap videos (at least to some people), The Daily Mail managed to grab some photos of him in costume on the Dark Tower set. He’s just dressed like a cowboy and standing in front of a green screen, but he still looks like a damn good version of Stephen King’s old Gunslinger. Plus, he seems to have all of his fingers, which may or may not be an important thing to note regarding when the scene he’s filming takes place.


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