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Idiocracy's Brawndo is now available in a drinking fountain, with electrolytes

Brawndo: It's got the electrolytes that plants crave and the sort of in-jokey cult cachet that similarly satisfies people on the Internet, when they're not too busy 'batin. So after already being sold as a (sadly discontinued) genuine energy drink/diabetic shock in a can, the fictional "Thirst Mutilator" from Mike Judge's Idiocracy—like so many other of its portents—has once more come to life in the form of a Brawndo drinking fountain, created by Dave Dalton and Craig Berscheidt of the hobby website Hammerspace for their Kansas City office. Along with explaining the technical means by which they put it together, and other smart-talk out their butt that made their shit seem all retarded, Dalton and Berscheidt related how they tested it out on a visiting UPS worker who was presented with the choice, via switch, of the delicious, electrolyte-laden taste of Brawndo (really just MiO Energy Drops) or regular old "toilet water," like out the toilet. "'I've never seen one of these before… is this a new drink?'" the duo quotes their first customer as saying, adding, "He went back for seconds, and proclaimed that it was good." And thus was our Idiocracy future further secured. [via io9]


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