Nice try, Idina Menzel

Since voicing the role of Elsa in the hit Disney animated film Frozen, Idina Menzel has been cursed to wander the Earth, desperate, while the malevolent strains of the inescapable earworm nightmare ”Let It Go” ring in her ears. And so, after her Tony-nominated role in Broadway musical If/Then failed to break the curse, Menzel has now turned to television. Deadline reports that the actress is set to star in a new half-hour comedy executive produced by Ellen Degeneres.

Happy Time follows the exploits of a woman in the public eye, one who is “ready to stop pretending she’s so damned happy all the time.” The sitcom, which is definitely not based on Menzel pretending she’s happy when people on the street shout “Let it go!” at her several hundred times a day, is set to premiere this summer. Written by Randi Barnes (Legends Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, because apparently that exists), the show will hopefully do for Menzel what her upcoming performance of the national anthem at this weekend’s Super Bowl will fail to do—namely, finally dislodge the song that has been wedged in her mind like a splinter, driving her mad.