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ICYMI: Here’s the first woman to complete America Ninja Warrior’s stage 1 finals

(Screengrab: YouTube)

Look, this happened a couple days ago, so if you want to click on to the next story, by all means, have at it. (And for god’s sake, turn in your Galaxy Note 7 already.) But we just can’t stop talking about it at the A.V. Club offices, so we thought we’d share it for everyone who hasn’t yet had a chance to revel in the baddassery: This week on American Ninja Warrior, stuntwoman Jessie Graf became the first woman in history to complete the Stage 1 course in the national finals.

Sure, it’s incredibly cool because she did it while rocking a Green Lantern-inspired outfit. And yes, that showmanship and sense of style is hard to top, especially after you add in her qualifying run where she donned a Wonder Woman ensemble. And we admit, she’s impressive outside of ANW as well, having performed stunts on Supergirl and various other shows and films. But at the end of the pop-culture day, the reason we keep coming back to this clip is for how damn effortless she makes it all look. Frankly, we get winded walking from our desks to the A.V. Club studio. So congratulations, Jessie Graff: You’re the A.V. Club’s first official Friday Person Who Makes Us All Look Bad. You can pick up your award next to our empty Dunkin’ Donuts boxes.


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