This has been the year ICP made the jump to the mainstream via the amazing "Miracles" video, Violent J's response to its popularity, and that unfortunate Tila Tequila incident at this year's Gathering of the Juggalos. But now ICP is using its powers for good and going all Salvation Army on our asses with Sugar Slam's Super Live Toy Drive, organized by the Michigan duo's Psychopathic Records. According to saucy Juggalo elf Sugar Slam, ICP fans who send in a toy or clothes for "little broke-ass ninjas everywhere" will receive an autographed CD of Psychopathic Holiday classics like "Santa's A Fat Bitch" and "Murdercity Christmas." But, as always, there are rules, ninjas: "no cheap shit" and "no used shit." Attendees to ICP shows this December can also make the exchange at the show. Dope.

The problem with hitting the mainstream like ICP has? These videos are beginning to border on self-parody. The "melt glaciers!" line is just one of many moments that make it seem like an SNL skit. Still, it's pretty amazing in multiple ways and, hey, at least someone's thinking of the children this holiday season, motherfuckers. Here's hoping ICP goes all multicultural on our ass and includes little broke-ass Jewish ninjas celebrating Hannukah, too. Fucking menorahs, how do they work?