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Because searching iTunes podcasts for “O.G.” brings up the Original Gamer Podcast, Ice-T is debuting his own podcast today, Ice-T: Final Level (which also sounds like a gaming show, coincidentally—maybe T-Pod was too cutesy?). News broke about T starting his own show at the end of last month, but the first episode posted today on iTunes and his website. The twice-monthly show features the rapper/actor/reality-show star and his manager/co-host, Mick Benzo, discussing “relevant issues,” along with guests and calls from listeners.

Among said relevant issues in the premiere: Ice-T’s “love for Brad Pitt, his passion for gymnastics, and… practical advice on living and loving.” Wait, no debate on which city can claim to be the home of the body bag, or perhaps discussion of the very real phenomenon of KKK bitches? T says the free-form, uncensored medium is a natural fit, but adds, “And I also don’t have to leave my crib.”


Listeners can hear the first episode below. Your move, Ice Cube.


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