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ICE cuffs, separates the Broflovskis in teaser for tonight's South Park premiere

South Park’s quick turnover and relentless pace has always allowed creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to address and satirize the most recent and hot-button of issues. That won’t change in the show’s 23rd season, which kicks off tonight in an episode that, per the above trailer, finds Kyle and his family being accosted by ICE for a subplot clearly inspired by the family separations happening at the Southern border.


The clip, which, aside from a brief Cartman cameo, is presented more or less straight-faced, is accompanied by a plot synopsis from Comedy Central that promises only that “Kyle goes to camp.” The episode itself is titled “Mexican Joker,” and it’s likely that ICE is after young Ike, who, as we’re often reminded, was born in Canada.

Earlier this month, Comedy Central renewed the animated comedy for three more seasons. Season 23's 10-episode season kicks off tonight.

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