California can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to going bankrupt now that Ice Cube has officially squashed his beef with the new generation of West Coast rappers, which was apparently happening. reports that various “New West” hip-hop artists such as Crooked I, Glasses Malone, Nipsey Hu$$le and Jay Rock were rumored to be plotting diss tracks aimed at Cube for his lack of interest in helping them establish their careers. But now Cube has been quoted as saying:

“All that shit is squashed, [we] are keeping the unity on the West Coast. They know I'm down to work any of them at any time, so there really ain’t anything to perpetuate. I'm glad ni**as was men about and just said 'Yo it ain’t no beef' and squashed it. The New West and the Old West can always work together to make money."

As reassuring as this is for the always-fragile state of hip-hop diplomatic relations, it’s no doubt bittersweet news for Mssrs. Malone, Hu$$le et al., who probably had some really awesome Are We There Yet?-related insults at the ready.