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Ice Cube looking to play hardboiled detective with a tendency to wet'cha

Ice Cube is looking to launch his own Dirty Harry-esque franchise, playing a tough, street-smart detective in the Miley Cyrus vein. The prospective R-rated drama—pitched as a throwback to hardboiled ’70s revenge films—would star Cube as “a plainclothes detective who's quick on the trigger,” who will spend most of the film in trial answering to charges of unnecessary force. Actually, probably not, as this is the movies; motherfuck the jury and whoever love ‘em. The project would reteam Cube with his Three Kings director David O. Russell, but so far Russell is only tapped to produce and possibly co-write, upping the odds that this will actually get made—not that anyone walks out on Ice Cube. Details are still being worked out, specifically the locale, although Deadline notes “Cube is most readily identified with Los Angeles.” However, there’s little drama left in L.A. these days, given that Cube recently squashed all beef on the West Coast. Perhaps they could use a trigger-happy plainclothes detective in Des Moines.

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