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Ice Cube has not endorsed Donald Trump, no matter what a meme says

(Photo: Getty Images, Andrew Chin)

It’s hard to take anything seriously in this presidential election, especially since the candidate on one side may or may not have suggested that people assassinate his opponent and the candidate on the other side has the gall to be a woman, so sometimes it’s a good idea to just put your foot down and loudly declare where you stand on certain subjects. That’s exactly what Ice Cube did this weekend, after he apparently heard some rumblings that people thought he had endorsed Donald Trump for president. Ice Cube retweeted a very easily fake-able image today featuring him with a Trump shirt, noting that “stealing endorsements is not how you become the president of the United States, homie.”


He was even more blunt last night:

Based on the little watermark on Ice Cube’s image (because god forbid someone steal the celebrity endorsement image you made up), it comes from a Twitter account called Don_Vito_08 that has shared tons of similar images, including this one that suggests Satan himself has endorsed Hillary Clinton:


Seeing as how that didn’t make the national news, we’re going to assume it—like Ice Cube’s endorsement—isn’t real. We’ll have to wait until Satan hops on his own Twitter account to be sure, though.

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