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Showtime’s Ray Donovan—a show that is not only still on, but still being inexplicably nominated for awards—has an uncanny ability to pull respected actors into its terrifying maw. Maybe it’s all of those awards? Either way, it stars Liev Schreiber as an antihero who does antihero stuff, and Jon Voight plays his dad. Hank Azaria and Wendell Pierce have also appeared on it, presumably as other antiheroes doing antihero stuff. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that illustrious crew will be joined by Deadwood‘s Ian McShane. He’ll be playing a rich movie mogul who hires Schreiber’s Ray Donovan to “get his family out of a potentially catastrophic situation.” All snark aside, that sounds like it could be the basic plot of every Ray Donovan episode, but THR does say that Donovan and McShane’s character do “end up forming a very powerful relationship,” so maybe they eventually become best friends. That would be nice. Also, this might be an interesting season for Ray Donovan, since—as we reported back in August—it lost its creator/showrunner, Ann Biderman, in the great showrunner purge of 2014.


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