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By now you've probably heard the incredibly false, incredibly stupid rumor making the rounds on various music blogs and Myspace bulletins that Fugazi frontman and Dischord founder Ian MacKaye is dead. According to the spurious "obituary" being passed around, MacKaye was supposedly "struck by a car in front of the Ventura Theater in New Jersey after a Fugazi show," then "rushed to a Baltimore hospital where he died"—never mind that a) the Ventura Theater is actually in California; b) Baltimore is nearly three hours from New Jersey; and c) Fugazi playing a show?! Today Idolator confirmed what anyone with an ounce of logic and reason already knew by sending an e-mail to the Dischord offices, receiving the following note: "Thanks for your concern, Ian is fine and all is well. Just an internet rumor." First the Meg White sex tape and now this—when did indie-rockers become the stuff of urban legends? Next thing you know we'll be hearing that Conor Oberst had a gallon of semen pumped from his stomach.


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