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I Think You Should Leave’s skeleton song has been turned into a campfire sing-along

Screenshot: I Think You Should Leave (Netlifx)

Tim Robinson’s sketch show, I Think You Should Leave is one of the year’s best comedies, but it missed an opportunity to spread the mythos of its skeleton army by requiring its anthem—a country ballad sung in the fifth episode’s “The Day That Robert Palins Murdered Me” sketch—to be performed by two people. The natural drawback of this approach is that musicians hoping to teach their friends about the skeletons’ underground society, where bones (and worms) are used as money, is tough to do without an equally committed partner.

Thankfully, @pandersera has overcome this issue by covering Tim Robinson’s skeleton song as a throat-crushing solo tune that can be performed by anyone with an acoustic guitar and good lung capacity.


Her version takes on both Robinson and the Johnny Cash-alike Rhys Coiro’s vocal parts, following not just the story of a murderous Robert Palins, but the “spooky” tale of “the night the skeletons came to life,” too. Listen for yourself to learn how you, too, can share the folk wisdom of turning hair into people and giving thanks for the incredible amount of food we above ground folks enjoy.

It may be a bit late in the year to work the acoustic cover into summer bonfire sing-alongs, but we still look forward to generations of children returning from camp in the future, eagerly sharing their newfound understanding of hungry skeletons with their parents through the magic of song.

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