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Chuck Palahniuk has created a rabid fan-base not merely by remaining steadfastly committed to his particular set of literary idiosyncrasies, but by regularly performing animated readings to promote his books. So it was only a matter of time before Palahniuk read an animated adaptation of his best-known work, Fight Club.


After noting that Fight Club For Kids is for a “whole new generation,” ostensibly because his current audience is “growing older… and having children and… dying,” Palahniuk launches into a lively read of the classic bedtime picture book of “a boy who had no name.”

Fight Club For Kids actually emphasizes the titular group with its “Horsing Around Club,” but that doesn’t stop Palahniuk from getting increasingly excited and launching into expletive-laced accounts of graphic violence that are unsuitable for the kiddos.

Available only as a performance on Mashable’s YouTube channel, The Watercooler, Fight Club For Kids sadly doesn’t appear to actually be available for purchase—at least, not yet. If you’re feeling the itch to spend more time with the figment of a nameless guy’s split personality, the Fight Club 2 limited run series is currently ongoing from Dark Horse Comics, with issue two hitting shelves tomorrow.

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