After a long period of relative inactivity, the shadowy musical act known as Hype Williams has released its second album in two days. Today’s Chalice is a rangy, meandering affair, full of noodling beats and what are almost found sounds, whereas yesterday’s Guccistreams2 was, well, another all-over-the-place effort, albeit a much shorter one. Both are available for free on The Internet Archive, which is as fitting a place as any for a Hype Williams release to pop up. Ostensibly a collective that changes hands periodically, the group is known to delete tracks and albums shortly after making them available, so if interested, both are worth getting your ears on now. Last year’s middling 10/10 (pictured above) was the group’s first in a few years; this relative outpouring of new material is either a sign of a new period of increased productivity, or a weird blip on the radar. Either way, it’s interesting listening.

[via Fact]