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Hush’s Mike Flanagan is already in talks for the new Halloween


Less than 24 hours ago, director John Carpenter announced he’s executive producing a new installment in his Halloween franchise, an announcement met with the sort of unfettered enthusiasm horror fans usually reserve for an especially goopy exploding head. And it looks like the new movie already has a director in its sights: Mike Flanagan, whose home-invasion slasher Hush recently hit Netflix and who has another movie, Before I Wake, coming this fall.

Although he’s perhaps not the biggest or most exciting name working in the genre today, Flanagan would be a logical choice for the job. After all, Hush is about a masked killer with no motive or backstory, an aspect Carpenter says he wants to emphasize in the new movie. And Flanagan further outlined his philosophy on horror on Facebook recently, saying:

When it comes to horror, I strongly believe two things to be true:

1) What you don’t see is always scarier than what you do, and

2) The explanation is never as satisfying as the question.

Considering Carpenter’s statements on the Michael Myers character and the fact that the original Halloween was able to milk genuine tension from the briefest glimpses of its villain, those statements sound like they could very well jive with Carpenter’s vision for the new movie. Flanagan is under contract to make a Ouija sequel at the moment, though, so who knows if schedules will line up and all that. Either way, we don’t hate it.


[via Bloody Disgusting]

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