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Image: Oh My Disney

The Oscars are on Sunday, which means there are only a few days left to pack in all those snarky jokes about this year’s nominees. And never one for inefficiency, Honest Trailers went ahead and made fun of all nine Best Picture nominees in one video. That means Arrival, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hidden Figures, Hell Or High Water, La La Land, Manchester By The Sea, Lion, and Moonlight all get the Honest Trailers treatment. And it turns out quantity over quality is a pretty good match for the Honest Trailers formula.

Not every joke in the video is a hit. For instance, gags about La La Land being a Hollywood handjob and Fences being a exercise in capital-A “Acting” aren’t entirely fresh anymore. But Honest Trailers does get in some solid riffs elsewhere. The video calls out Jeff Bridges for having one oft-used grizzled cowboy voice, notes the vague white savior undertones of Hidden Figures, and cleverly refers to the little-seen Lion as If You Say You’ve Seen This, You’re Probably Lyin’. It ends the video with some Trump impressions that are actually far funnier than they have any right to be. And it makes time to call out the Academy for nominating two La La Land songs while entirely shutting out the delightful music of Sing Street.


But Honest Trailers isn’t the only one riffing on the Oscars this year. Craig Mackay and Nick Vokey of the official Disney fan site Oh My Disney released some Zootopia-themed parody posters of this year’s nominees as well. Of course, Zootopia itself is also an Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature Film, but to parody that you’d have to put Mahershala Ali in a bunny costume or something. You can see all six of the parody posters below.


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