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Illustration for article titled Hurry is “Oozing Positivity” on its debut album

Over the past few years Philadelphia has been home to many of punk and hardcore’s best and brightest young bands, and the upcoming debut from Hurry proves that trend isn’t in danger of dying off any time soon. Formed as a bedroom recording project by Everyone Everywhere’s Matthew Scottoline, Hurry has since transformed into a trio, exploring the simple pleasures of pop songs pushed through a garage-rock filter. Hurry’s debut album Everything/Nothing will be released on October 7 via Hot Green Records–a label that’s released records by other great Philadelphia acts like Algernon Cadwallader and Hop Along–and The A.V. Club is streaming “Oozing Positivity” below. “Oozing Positivity” proves an apt title for the bubblegum pop song, even if Hurry is daring enough to include piercing guitar feedback in its outro, showing that the band can adapt noise-rock tropes into something that could serve as the soundtrack to a sock hop.


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