While Hurry’s debut album, 2014’s Everything/Nothing, dealt in the kind of indie-flavored pop songs that made Guided By Voices famous, its follow-up has a more classic approach. Coming April 29 on Lame-O Records, Guided Meditation sees Hurry’s Matt Scottoline offering up songs that sound like they were swiped straight from Brian Wilson’s songbook. The A.V. Club is premiering “When I’m With You” below, which pushes Scottoline’s vocals into a high falsetto as the band does its best take on a carefree summer jam. ”When I’m With You” stands in stark contrast to Guided Meditation’s first single “Nothing To Say,” as it replaces Scottoline’s self-effacing tendencies with a contentment that fits Hurry well.

Pre-orders for Guided Meditation are available now through Lame-O Records.