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Hungry turtle ASMR is ASMR we can get behind

Screenshot: YouTube

ASMR, otherwise known as autonomous sensory meridian response, has long been dominated by the kinds of hushed whispers that make some of us mortals feel like a knife will meet our throat any second. Bless these hungry turtles, then, who calm not with words of love or violence, but rather soft, urgent, deliciously soothing chomps.

The Fish Whisperer, a must-subscribe YouTube channel, posted the below video earlier this week. In it, some grimy, rotund turtles scuttle forth from a pond to scoop up hunks of watermelon, apple, and cricket. The nearby mic not only captures the satisfying snap of their curt chomps, but also the swish of their hurried waddles back into the water.

There’s no agenda here. No motivation. No instructions. No hidden messages. Just sounds. Good, relaxing, adorable sounds.


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