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Hunger Games poster accidentally writes expletive across Jennifer Lawrence’s face

Jennifer Lawrence, unsullied, in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1

In the sort of hilarious mishap that could happen to anybody who is now extremely fired from their job as a graphic designer or social media person, the official Hunger Games Twitter feed accidentally put out an image that appeared to label series star Jennifer Lawrence with an unflattering anatomical term. In celebration of the fact that the final installment of the film series is only a hundred days away (and also, maybe, the good job they’d been doing not accidentally slathering vulgar slang for a woman’s vagina across the face of one of the world’s most bankable stars), the account tweeted out the following image to promote The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2:


If you’re having trouble seeing the issue, you might want to focus on the way the word “until” cuts across the final “0,” in “100,” making it inadvertently look like a “c”. The effect is actually a lot like the first time you see the hidden shape in the FedEx logo, except that instead of being a neat, secret arrow (the kind Katniss Everdeen might heroically fire at an oppressive solder, for instance), it’s the word “cunt,” printed right across her face.

Of course, Lionsgate could have rolled with this unintended slur—they’ve played up the “Capitol propaganda” angle in their promotional campaigns before, and if this is a hell of a lot cruder than what’s been seen before, well, there’s a war on—but instead they did the prudent thing and pulled the image as fast as they could. (Obviously not fast enough of course, because this is the internet.) Meanwhile, a social media team just woke up somewhere in a Los Angeles warehouse, surrounded by weapons, and with a message from their bosses saying that the last person alive gets to be merely fired from their jobs.


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