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Whether you like it or not, you know the words to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer,” be it from years of classic rock radio playback, karaoke madness, or afternoons at the water park. The guy on this park bench certainly did, and his impassioned belting of the chorus was enough to prove just how enduring that chorus is. When he gets to the build, the previously disinterested crowd starts joining in, leading to a downright triumphant group rendition of “Whoa, we’re halfway there / Whoa-oh, livin’ on a prayer.” Hey, as JBJ himself puts it, we’ve got each other and that’s a lot, especially when we can all come together over a cheesy yet vaguely inspiring 1986 Bon Jovi song.

At least this guy fared better than the one who gave a full-out serenade to his subway car a few months back. He received some amused giggles, and at least one lady tried for the “Whoa-oh” part. Maybe it’s just as well that he got to solo—he has a truly amazing voice, making for an entertaining commute home for those fortunate riders.

But for sheer stamina and total Bon Jovi immersion, we have to give it to this Boston Celtics fan who gave such an energetic lip sync performance in 2013. To date, this particular rendition has almost 7 million YouTube views.

If we have learned just one thing today, it is this: The cult of Bon Jovi unites us all.


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