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Strangely, there isn’t a great deal of crossover here at The A.V. Club between people who love musicals and people who were curious enough about the gross-out-fest The Human Centipede to watch it. So we have no one ready and willing to simultaneously vouch for the quality of this thoroughly irreverent comic amateur musical (performed in March at the Cabaret Theatre at Boston’s Emerson College), and for its fidelity to the original film. We’ll just stick with “Some of these songs are really catchy, particularly if you happen to like bouncy singer-songwriter tunes about involuntary ass-to-mouth surgery.” Certainly the musical’s writers and performers have picked up on the same queasy fascination so many other people have had with the film’s coprophagic issues, given the lyrical focus: “I’m not trying to be tongue-in-cheek / but that’s literally what you will be doing in a week / when you're sewn to someone’s butt.” Everybody sing along! Here’s part one:

Or watch the whole thing on YouTube via the CentipedeMusic channel.


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