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With films like The Babadook and It Follows showcasing the exciting things that horror movies can do these days, it’s about time somebody makes a movie that spins that trend, points it in the opposite direction, and then sews its mouth on to somebody else’s butt. In other words, Human Centipede 3 is actually coming out soon. It has a release date and everything!


According to Entertainment Weekly, Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) will be in theaters an on VOD services on May 22. The film—though the fanciness of that word hardly applies—will see the return of writer/director Tom Six, as well as original star Dieter Laser, Human Centipede II star Laurence R. Harvey, and, uh, Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts. As we’ve previously reported, Human Centipede 3 was filmed in America and centers on what some may consider a “progressive” prison that has to resort to an unprecedented method for keeping its prisoners in line. And yes, we mean “in line” to be taken literally, because the prisoners get their mouths sewn to…well, you know. EW has a more thorough synopsis that delves into the prison’s justification for doing the thing that it does, but all that matters is that it will eventually happen, and the movie will show it. Enjoy!

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