A year ago it seemed that Human Centipede 3 had all but choked, unable to push through an idea for a second sequel that, honestly, had only been partly digested in the first place. The trouble began when director Tom Six and his producer/sister Ilona announced they were suing Dieter Laser, the series star (and world's bleakest Laser Tag franchise) who attempted to separate himself from Human Centipede—allegedly over creative differences regarding the new character he would play, and generally because Laser now believes himself too big a part of the Centipede to continue swallowing their shit. Their months-long beef caused a seemingly impenetrable blockage but, after everyone chewed on it for a while, now it finally seems to have passed.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the lawsuit/publicity stunt is officially over and Human Centipede 3 is finally flowing again, with Laser on board to play an all-new villain alongside returning Human Centipede 2 star Laurence R. Harvey in "a storyline no one will expect." Unless, of course, you expect it to concern people whose lips are stitched to other people's assholes. However, this time there will be over 500 people whose lips are stitched to other people's assholes, introducing numerous unexplored areas of social dynamics as it pertains to having your lips stitched to another person's asshole, and also somewhere in there will be a "big American celebrity." Obviously Six didn't specify what parameters he's using to define "big" or "celebrity" yet, having learned that—as is so often the case with Human Centipede—it's generally better to keep your mouth shut.