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Human Centipede 3 begins filming, plans to sew 500 fake prisoners together

Illustration for article titled iHuman Centipede 3 /ibegins filming, plans to sew 500 fake prisoners together

If you woke up today feeling oddly creeped out and disgusted with humanity and you weren’t sure why, fear not: it’s just director Tom Six beginning production in Los Angeles on Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence). As such, it’s high time the public learns just what wondrously creative, artistically sound reason Six has come up with for stitching 500 people’s mouths to the assholes of the people adjacent to them. After all, while no logical defense is required for how a German mad scientist could get the better of a trio of idiotic backpackers in Human Centipede (First Sequence), nor how a lunatic fan could overpower 12 maimed abductees in Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), it does seem just a smidge implausible that anyone could sew together more than, say, a couple dozen people before the remaining 476 would-be centipede members would decide that this maybe isn’t the best way to spend their Wednesday afternoon. Luckily, as this casting notice reveals, Six has found a most ingenious solution—just set the movie in a prison where, sure, anything goes:

We will be shooting at a number of actual PRISONS in the LA area. Applicants can be expected to engage in regular prisoner activities like RIOTING, SCREAMING, and FIGHTING. However, this is a HUMAN CENTIPEDE movie. THERE WILL BE SOME SCENES TOWARDS THE END OF THE SHOOT REQUIRING PRISONERS TO BE PART OF THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE. Actors will be fully clothed, but will be asked to pose on their hands and knees rear end to mouth.

The casting notice helpfully advises potential human centipede trunks to not apply “if uncomfortable with this process,” as if anyone would pass up the chance to form part of a 500-strong human centipede. Indeed, Tom Six is even offering ten lucky fans a chance to join the human centipede fun, so start booking your flights to Los Angeles pronto.

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