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Hulu's new Veronica Mars series has a teaser (and a taser)

You just can’t keep a good detective down: 12 years after her show went off the air at The CW—and five since its Kickstarter-backed revival movie premiered at SXSW—plucky former-teen detective Veronica Mars is finally ready to return to TV. Hulu released a brief teaser trailer for the eight-episode Veronica Mars revival series earlier today, alongside a premiere date: July 26.

And while the teaser itself is little more than a slow pan in on Kristen Bell as she narrates about life in Neptune, really, what more do we need? (Okay, a quick shot of Jason Dohring or Enrico Colantoni wouldn’t have hurt.) Still, it’s pretty clear that Rob Thomas, Bell, and the rest of their team still have a firm grasp on the cool self-assuredness (and willingness to absolutely stun gun some idiots) that made Veronica such a breath of fresh air way back in 2004.


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