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The next season of Hulu’s Stephen King mash-up Castle Rock is going to start expanding its references to beyond the borders of its eponymous New England town, with Lizzy Caplan joining the cast as noted literature fan Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates’ character from Misery). Now, Hulu has released a very brief teaser for the new season that reveals that it will premiere on October 23, though even “teaser” is a generous term for this thing. It’s somewhere between a picture of a logo and a video of someone holding holding up the logo and saying “You can watch it on October 23.” It’s mostly just a logo flying at the screen, but in a spooky way.


Anyway, Castle Rock is going to be on Hulu on October 23, so start going back over the entire Stephen King canon to refresh your memory for Easter eggs. Here’s a tip: Keep an eye out for the number 19, big dogs, and tortured novelists.

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