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Hulu wants to stay in Castle Rock, despite the fact that it's so spooky

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One of the most fun things about Hulu’s Castle Rock is scanning every frame for all the references to other Stephen King stuff, since you never know when you’ll see a newspaper headline about the events of some famous book or a picture of a guy from another thing. We may already be a ways into the show’s first season, but luckily that doesn’t mean that Stephen King fans have to worry about ending their hunt for Easter eggs any time soon.


As reported by Variety, Hulu has renewed Castle Rock for a second season, and the streaming service’s senior vice president Craig Erwich says it’s going to tell a “wholly original” story next time around. He doesn’t give any hints about what that means, but it seems safe to assume that any future Castle Rock stories will continue to revolve around the eponymous New England town. Plus, if they do all stay in Castle Rock, future seasons could start referencing the events of past seasons, creating a perfect loop of Stephen King references.

Erwich also says the show has been a big hit with audiences, to the point where it “seems to be one of the most talked about shows of the summer” (a nice way to talk up the show’s success without requiring any data to back it up), but he’s not going to jump at the chance to do more anthology shows like Castle Rock. “The beauty of Hulu is that we’re not tied to any kind of shape or form,” he says. “The creative can live in its best version, and the best version of Castle Rock was this.” We think the best version of Castle Rock would involve more Dark Tower references, but we understand that King fans may need a little break from Roland and the Man In Black for a while.

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