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It’s been nearly a year since we heard about ABC’s attempt to resurrect Designing Women, with creator Linda Bloodworth Thomason returning for some kind of reboot/sequel about a new group of witty interior designers who may or may not have some connection to the original Sugerbaker gang. Now, Hulu has announced that it’s bringing the original series to streaming for the very first time.


The full run of 163 episodes and seven seasons will be available on August 26 (or, as a press release explains, “…Women’s Equality Day!”), bringing along hours and hours of “no-nonsense wit, humor, and day-to-day antics.” Love those day-to-day antics. Anyway, for those who have no idea what this is, possibly because they weren’t born when it started but are now old enough to write for a website, the original series starred Dixie Carter as interior design firm owner Julia Sugarbaker, with Delta Burke as her sister, Annie Potts as her mother, Jean Smart as country girl Charlene, and of course Meshach Taylor as “token male” (thanks, press release) Anthony Bouvier.

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