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Hulu wants to bring back Veronica Mars

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The current trend of TV revivals has been somewhat annoying, with every network and studio falling over themselves to resurrect old things instead of creating new things, but let’s all shut up about that for a second because Hulu is trying to bring back Veronica Mars—a legitimately good show that totally should come back. That comes from Entertainment Weekly, which says Hulu is “close to a deal,” meaning it’s not definitely confirmed yet, but original creator Rob Thomas and original star Kristen Bell will be both return to the show if the deal works out.

EW doesn’t have many more details than that, but we know the episode count for this new season of Veronica Mars will be small enough for Bell to still have plenty of room in her schedule for The Good Place (so there’s no need for fans of that show to be worried). One of the things we don’t know is whether or not any original actors will be returning other than Bell, but that’s the sort of thing Hulu and Rob Thomas can figure out once this is all official.

The original series premiered in 2004 and ran for three seasons, centering on the eponymous teen detective as she solved crimes, attended high school/college, and made witty comments. The character returned in 2014 for a Veronica Mars movie, which made nearly $6 million on Kickstarter but failed to really live up to the best stuff from the original show.


We just hope we can get a third remix of the theme song now:

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