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Hulu to withhold gluttonous full-season access to its original programming

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Netflix’s decision to release full seasons of new programming at the same time was a game-changer. (Specifically, the game’s revised premise involves allowing your physical body to atrophy as you binge-watch entire seasons of House Of Cards.) In response, Hulu is now promoting viewing habits that aren’t considered cardinal sins as The Wrap reports that all of Hulu’s original programming will be throttled to a single episode per week.

Hulu’s Head of Content Craig Erwich made the announcement at last weekend’s Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer Press Tour. “We want to give viewers the opportunity to discover their favorite shows every week,” Erwich said of Hulu’s new pizza-by-the-slice-only policy.

The line-up of shows that will dribble out on a weekly basis include The Mindy Project, Difficult People, Casual, The Hotwives Of Las Vegas, The Awesomes, and Rocketjump: The Show.


Erwich explained the reasoning behind the decision, adding, “Like you, we value the shared experience and the joy of the water cooler that is television. This will also allow us to get the shows out to our audiences faster, without waiting until full series completion.” Or, put another way, you can either watch TV like normal people do, or you can gorge yourself on seasons of BoJack Horseman and Sense8, like some kind of C.H.U.D. doomed to a marginalized, subterranean existence.

Perhaps sensing that Netflix might use that sentiment to rally its millions of subscribers who now consider single episodes as satisfying as teaser trailers, Erwich then emphasized, “And don’t forget, with an on-demand service like Hulu, once a series airs, all episodes will be available at once for many years to come as part of our collection.” And so, even if you rebuke civilized television consumption and insist on being a loathsome recluse, Hulu is happy to offer you the type of programming such gluttonous behavior deserves, like an eternity of Seinfeld reruns.

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