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Hulu to keep The Handmaid’s Tale under its eye for a fourth season

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Screenshot: The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

The Handmaid’s Tale’s third season has been about as frustrating as its second, causing at least a few of us to wonder why the hell we’re still watching it. Still, as our own Allison Shoemaker has pointed out time and again, Elisabeth Moss’ complex performance is enough to justify its continued existence. A good thing, that, since Hulu just renewed the dystopian series for a fourth season.


Bruce Miller’s series currently has three episodes left in the season, which looks to be about June and Bradley Whitford’s Commander Lawrence teaming up to rescue of the stolen children of Gilead. Whitford’s been a strong, if underused, presence this season, so fingers crossed he sticks around for the show’s next outing.

Not long after it takes its bow, Margaret Atwood will release The Testaments, her own sequel to the book that spawned the series. We remain intrigued to see how it clashes with Miller’s vision. 

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