To celebrate the $180 million that it spent on the streaming rights to Seinfeld, Hulu has announced that it will soon be opening a real-life reconstruction of Jerry’s famous apartment. Variety is calling it an “installation,” which makes this all sound very fancy, and it will open on June 24—the same day Seinfeld hits Hulu—and be open to the public until June 28. Of course, this being Seinfeld, the apartment will be in New York, at 451 West 14th Street, to be exact.

As for what you can do in Jerry’s apartment, finally living out some kind of sexual fantasy is probably out of the question, but Variety says it will “include multiple interactive elements,” like George’s “Timeless Art Of Seduction” photoshoot and “Kramer’s famous barge-in entrance.” We also imagine you’ll be able to offer guests a Snapple, put off writing your sitcom pilot script, imagine a chess game between your brain and your penis, shave your chest, call your girlfriend and trick her into bringing up “the tractor story,” make sausages with Newman, get an illegal cable line installed, pee on the couch, stage an elaborate JFK reference, and put one of Jerry’s possessions in the toilet. The show was on for nine years, though, so you can probably think of a few more things to do.


Jerry’s apartment was also recreated in virtual reality last year, so you could virtually walk around it right now if you have the necessary equipment, but you’ll actually be able to rub your dirty hands on stuff with this version. Also, Warner Bros. built a recreation of Central Perk from Friends back in August, but that was mostly about gawking at Friends merchandise. The Seinfeld apartment is all about gawking at Superman statues and the wide array of cereal that Jerry has.