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Hulu still loves Sarah Silverman's I Love You, America

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Sarah Silverman’s mission to bridge the political divide with wacky nudity, absurd stunts, and surprisingly earnest discussions through her I Love You, America show on Hulu has not solved all of our problems just yet, so the streaming service has decided to order an additional 11 episodes for later this year (one more than its first-season order). That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says the new season will be “much more political” with a specific focus on the upcoming mid-term elections. That makes it sound like I Love You, America will be moving away from the “let’s understand both sides” concept, but it’s hard to really know until the new season actually premieres—which will happen on September 6.


In a statement, Silverman said, “I am fundamentally changed with each episode, each interview, each encounter,” adding, “By the end of this is I will likely be a butterfly, or a really colorful moth.”

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